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Twitter User Uncovers Final Easter Egg in ‘DOOM’ Soundtrack



Everyone and their mom went nuts over Mick Gordon’s fantastically brutal DOOM soundtrack. And rightfully so. Gordon took cues from Bobby Prince’s original soundtrack, and created something that was perfect to ripping and tearing. What you might not have known was that there are five easter eggs buried within the music, with the fifth one recently being uncovered by twitter user Nick White.

The easter egg in question is found in the song “Authorization; Olivia Pierce,” the seventh track on the DOOM soundtrack. By using a little software trickery, White increased the pitch of the song around the 50-second mark. After the big swell starts to fade, you can hear Olivia Pierce herself say, “You could not have saved them anyway,” a quote directly from Pierce within the game.

Mick Gordon (who is still working away on that “totally not DOOM Eternal soundtrack”) was quick to confirm that the easter egg was found.

So, what were the previous four? For the first three, you’ll need to grab yourself something like Adobe Audition, or another audio program that allows you to view a spectral frequency display. Those who are familiar with Aphex Twin and their nightmare fuel know what comes next. By viewing the spectral frequency on the songs “Cyberdemon,” “Authorization; Olivia Pierce,” and “SkullHacker,” you can find hidden images of a pentagram and 666, the number 36, and John Romero’s head on a pike, respectively.

The fourth one is similar to the classic backmasking craze. In the song “IV. Doom,” by switching a certain part of the track to mono, and then reversing the sound, you can hear a woman say, “Jesus loves you.”

DOOM Eternal is set for a 2019 release.

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